In trying to diversify Fiction Science topic-wise,I continued talking about Deep Blue Sea and added Star Wars into the mix.


Dureing my research forlast week’s video about the sharks in Deep Blue Sea I cameacross an interesting piece of concept art for a sequel that was never made. The sequel did not have the most promising of circumstances and would probably have been as bad as the one we ultimately did get, but the U.S.S. Trident is a really interesting idea for a ship specialized in handling a squad of intelligent fish.
It does have its share of problems, though. Most importantly the fact that those open pods could potentially sink the ship unless the rooms they are in are airtight.

As a sidenote, this was the first video I used hashtags on. I added them to the older videos, as well. From now on, all videos will show three hashtags on their Youtube page. These include one for Fiction Science, one for their series and one for the franchise they are talking about.

An Unpopular Opinion

In the Star Wars community, it is a safe bet to say most people who have heard of it hate the AT-HS. The A-HS or Heavy Scout Walker is a walker that was set to appear in The Last Jedi but was cut at the last moment. This resulted in the walker’s absence on screen, but a Lego set had already been produced an hit shelves alongside the movie.
It was an unusual machine even for a walker with its eight crab-like legs. A variation with even more legs did appear as a specialized hauler, though.
The Lego set did not get a warm welcome from reviewers, either. One strange thing was the wheels it had under its legs. Many questioned what the point of those was until concept art showed up in The Art of The Last Jediand it became clear that the wheels were not part of the walker design but of the Lego machenism to make the legs move.
Still, though, the wheels reminded me of a HiRail vehicle and with that in mind, this becomes the best scout walker in any of the Star Wars films. I made a video on why that is.

This is the first time I recorded original video content for one of these. Like I said in the video, I used my toy review set I have for the German channel Extra Extra. And thanks to this crossover, I got to add the Heavy Scout Walker to my glorious arachnodroid army!

Next Up

The next video planned is a first round of recommendations of good videos from around Youtube. Let’s see how that turns out.
After that, I will tackle sequels and the common problem of sequels not understanding the original. So, something a bit closer to traditional video essays.

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