I swear I was not trying to make this a themed week, but with both Medusa and Donald Trump appearing in publications I submitted their stories to, and bot stories playing on those characters’ narcissist tendencies, it became a simple matter of fact this week is themed now.
On to the publications in question, then!

Donald Trump in Steaks, Walls and Dossiers

Steaks, Walls And DossiersThis anthology had been a while in the making. Originally announced for January’s inauguration day of the new president, a couple of things held it back for some time, only for it to appear this week.

What we have here is a cleverly disguised Trump anthology, as editor George Donnelly put it so aptly.
Like I implied aleady, my take on the anthology’s call for Trump parodies was playing up his narcissism. I think even most of his supporters will agree, this particula flavour of pride is his most evident vice.

Narcissism is such a fun plaything for a writer when painting a characters’ goals and ambitions. So I put president Trump at the end of his first term (yeah, I don’t worry about dating stories, there’s nothing bad about dates imho) and let him both inspect the results of his most important long-term project (that is not a wall) and turn his attention to the logical next step.

My entry In Thine Image is a fun piece of flash fiction filled with memes and ridiculousness because sometimes that is exactly what we all need.

I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

Here’s your Amazon.com link, enjoy!

Medusa in 101 Fiction

Writing this, I realize he title of the post and section make this one somewhat spoilery. But ignore that. You now know Medusa (or rather the gorgons as a group) is part of the story.

101 Fiction is a website publishing collections of 100-word stories with a 1-word title four times a year. I sent one answering the latest call for submissions and managed to get in on the fun. The topic this time was “Monsters and Heroes”.

My short Chiselled (the site uses British spelling) zeroes in on the monster part of that and fleshes out the world of the gorgons by adding an original character into Greek mythology. Aeliseia fits snuggly into this context. I’ll probably do more with here at some point in the future. I see great potential for a classical tragedy with her.

Of course narcissism is one of the defining features of the gorgons and the main topic of their story. Aeliseia is a character that lives off of this trait instead of one that falls victim to it like the gorgon sisters do.

For now, her introduction can be read at 101 Fiction, along with the whole of issue 17 (the first post also includes a PDF of all stories in that issue).

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