So, I started an English blog in addition to my original German one. Now what did I do that for? Short answer: because I have English books to be published soon and thus, an English-speaking audience to gain. Long answer: Well, this blog post has 418 words according to the WordPress counter, so that would be that.

So, I’ve basically been blogging since 1999, back when I did handcode every single page, without a CMS or knowing anything about PHP. On Geocities. In an age when merely having a website made tv stations call you and assume you were an expert on, well, stuff. Fun times.
Almost all of this time I blogged in my native German.

The major change came with starting to sell e-books. I had always dabbled in the English language somewhat, joining discussions in comments and boards, writing the odd short, reading a lot in English. I was of the mindset that if one could read any text in its original version, reading a tranlation or dub is always inferior, so I started reading ever-longer books in English, concentrating on my favorite genres, science fiction and fantasy.

There’s a number of reasons I am now preparing to publish own stories in English, and I decided a corresponding blog should go along with it.

Some stories are reactions to writing prompts originally in English.
Some are or were supposed to be submissions to anglophone (usually American) competitions or magazines.
And in some cases, the subject matter just feels more home in English to me, such as a book I have in early draft, featuring zombies. And yes, I do know zombies are a tough sell in an almost over-saturated market. Just wait until I can tell more, I promise to do something yet unseen to the sub-genre.
There are also a few short stories written in English classes, so if I ever find those, they will probably go here, as well.

This blog will not consist of translations of my German blog, but of original content, even when the topics of posts overlap. That way I want to ensure both blogs deliver the best and most relevant they’re capable of.

As you can see right now, the transition is not completed yet. Some elements of the site are still in German because they were hard-coded into the original site to be so. I deliberately kept the original’s design to have a common visual identity across languages. Those will be replaced one by one in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the actual content on here, starting later this week when I have Introduction out, my first short available as an e-book in English.

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